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6 things you must know about Dubai clubbing scene

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

6 things you must know about Dubai clubbing scene

Dubai is known for many things all around the world. This vibrant city’s clubbing scene has evolved in a large way from the 90’s, offering much more for party animals. As a first time visitor to Dubai, one should explore Dubai clubbing scene to have a fantastic nightlife experience.

But, there are few unique things about Dubai clubbing scene that you should be aware of so that you know what to expect when clubbing in Dubai e.g. partying in Dubai is restricted to star hotels as they have liquor license to serve alcohol in their lounges, bars and clubs.

1. Don’t drink & drive

The most basic rule anywhere in the world. In fact, you might be thinking that this is common sense.

In spite of this, people drink and drive, especially in foreign countries where they let go off themselves. In Dubai, people are allowed to drink in designated areas. But anywhere outside is illegal. If caught drinking and driving in Dubai, the punishment ranges from fines to imprisonment.

Damn, that sounds horrendous. Now, you need to have one designated driver.

Well, worry not because Dubai’s fine taxi platoon comes to your rescue. Not only is the taxi fare affordable but the service is great in Dubai. In fact, some clubs in Dubai have a drop-off service after party. To know more, visit the Nightlife section on the website of Clubbing Dubai.

2. Know the dressing etiquette

Whilst experiencing Dubai’s clubbing scene, women can wear anything from skirts to jeans as long as your dressing is club appropriate. As regards footwear, some clubs have a heels only policy. Also, it make sense to carry a jacket and comfortable footwear to wear outside nightclubs in Dubai.

However, when it comes to beach clubs in Dubai, you can flaunt around your casuals wearing flip-flops or put on swim wear to enjoy prancing around in the pool.

As regards men, the above rules apply to them in beach clubs of Dubai too but when it comes to Dubai clubbing scene, you need to stick to formals, at least club formals. Casuals are a big no-no when entering nightclubs in Dubai. To know best, it’s better to call the venue beforehand and clarify the dress code.

3. Club events

There are a lot of events happening around in night clubs of Dubai a swell as resorts and restaurants like ladies nights, urban nights, house music, dinner party, brunch party, yacht party, after party, pool party, etc. You will find them listed in the Events section on the website of Clubbing Dubai.

4. Opening Hours

Hotel bars are open from morning until midnight (12 pm). Clubs open at 10 pm and let you party well into the morning until 3:00 am. Most clubs are closed during Ramadan.

5. Outdoor Behaviour

Boorish behaviour on the streets is frowned upon in all parts of the world but in Dubai, it can land you in serious trouble. Loud music and dancing is strictly prohibited in public venues including beaches, parks and in residential areas whilst only being permitted inside licensed venues.

6. Cover Charge

Entry to Dubai nightclubs entails you pay a cover charge which may or may not include a free drink.

To conclude, it’s better to call the club and clarify the rules if you are new to Dubai. However, the above 6 things will give you a good understanding of what to expect from Dubai clubbing scene and the common mistakes to avoid that will turn your outing into a nightmare.

If you are a new expat settling in Dubai or a party enthusiast visiting Dubai, a good place to start quenching your thirst for Dubai nightlife is At Clubbing Dubai, you get to understand the whole melange of the Dubai clubbing scene starting from various types of events, a list of nightclubs and where to party during the day along with some curated fine dining hotspots as well as Arabic night clubs in Dubai.

Discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene of the Dubai clubbing scene yourself by visiting and enjoy the nightlife of your dreams.

So, what are you waiting for?

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