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  • Party Equipment & Supplies in Dubai | Dubai UAE | Clubbing Dubai

    PARTY EQUIPMENTS & SUPPLIES Guide to find party equipment's and supplies in Dubai for Rent or Buy ​ ​ 11:11 AV DUBAI If you’re in need of audio-visual solutions provider... ALISTAIR MAGICIAN DUBAI If you’re in need of magician in Dubai.. DESERT RIVER DUBAI If you’re in need of high quality furniture and lighting pieces.... DREAM DAYS DUBAI If you’re in need of unique experiences for your employees, friends, Clients in Dubai... GOLD FISH DUBAI If you’re in need of professional boutique photography & video production company LED IT BURN DUBAI If you’re in need of Fire shows, LED shows mixed with an array , LED droides... AL FARES INTL. TENTS DUBAI If you’re in need of tents and Shades Manufacturing Company based at Dubai.. BELLA ENTERTAINMENT DUBAI If you’re in need of hire Belly dancers, Acrobatic Shows, Stilt Walkers, Singers & Vocalists.... DIVA MODELLING DUBAI If you’re in need of hire top-class international models, hostesses, promotional staff... EL PYRO FIREWORKS DUBAI If you’re in need of Fireworks Display, Flame System, Aerial Fireworks in Dubai... LASER SAGA DUBAI If you’re in need of laser shows in Dubai.. PARTY CENTRE DUBAI If you’re in need of party supplies, balloons, costumes and party decorations ... First Prev 1 2 1 ... 1 2 ... 2 Next Last Check below for the Dubai-Dubai night latest events-Dubai nightlife photos-Best beach clubs in Dubai-Latest Dubai party updates-best bars and restaurants in Dubai-Dubai brunches-Things to do in Dubai-Dubai khaliji clubs-Guide to Dubai's party life scene-Dubai events Calendar-Dubai Hottest party updates-Dubai Best ladies night -Dubai hottest pool party-Beach Party in Dubai Join The Party Finder Dubai WhatsApp Community Now and Experience the best nightlife in Dubai. 1 0 Post not marked as liked The Party Finder and BLU Dubai launches new commercial house music and EDM night on Tuesdays 15 0 Post not marked as liked Dubai Clubs and Bars - A Complete Guide for an Unforgettable Experience 96 0 5 likes. Post not marked as liked 5

  • About Clubbing Dubai - Guide to Dubai's Party Life Scene & Dubai Nightlife

    THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DUBAI'S PARTY-LIFE SCENE is your complete guide to Dubai's party-life scene & Dubai VIP nightlife concierge service, that helps you make the most of your clubbing experience. When you are looking for the best clubs, Bars, Lounges, Restaurants in Dubai, our reliable nightlife service will guarantee a blissful experiences. ​ Clubbing Dubai is guaranteed to get you in the party mood by offering clubbers a unique & exceptional partying experience . Whether it is your birthday or anniversary celebration, or any other occasion in your life, we'll make sure we tailor our offer to your special needs with our exclusive luxury concierge services, that is only a button away and the IT place the start of your adventure! Keep up to date with the latest events & offers whatever your taste & entertainment buds are craving! ​ W H A T S A P P C A L L CONTACT US SUBMIT Thanks for submitting! STAY UPDATED! Dubai best clubs & beach clubs guide - with - including latest Nightclubs concerts and live shows, Best Ladies Night and Ladies day in Dubai, Beach parties and festivals & More ... ​ Subscribe with SUBSCRIBE NOW ​ ​ ​ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯

  • Best Clubs In Dubai | Dubai UAE | Clubbing Dubai

    The Best Clubs in Dubai Aren’t Just a Rooftop Tennis Court ​ Anyone can put a tennis court on top of a building, even a skyscraper. However, when your organization offers clientele one of the best comprehensive day and night club experiences in town, that’s another story entirely. With a complete package of fine dining, music, live entertainment, dancing, and nightlife, there are not many other places to check, Clubbing Dubai is the solution you were looking for. Our guests are so amazed with our total package, they end up spending their entire visit in our venue and facilities, enjoying themselves and benefiting from the best security and privacy offered without question. ​ Our professionalism and high quality of programs offer a variety of choices and appeal to business groups, individuals, private vacations and couples altogether. So, when it’s time to really enjoy an international nightlife experience, don’t look for the tennis court on the rooftop. Clubbing Dubai stands out among the best clubs in Dubai because it delivers the service expected of an international luxury resort in the first place. Discerning Among Dubai Clubs What is it that makes Dubai such an appealing destination for business, international travel and luxury clients? For example, if it was just catering, music and hotels, one could have all the same in Las Vegas, New York, London or Paris. Instead, however, the scale and extent of service that is provided with secure, discrete and private amenities make Dubai a top destination for entertainment, luxury vacation, and private relaxation not possible in western locations. Unfortunately, while there are plenty of international places to go to, most are compromised horribly with staff whom will trade access and compromise the privacy of guests. In Dubai clubs, none of that sort of nonsense occurs. And Clubbing Dubai holds the standard in the city among its own as one of the best destinations, even locally, in what is already a top-notch place for personal and business entertainment. Why settle for less? The Top Qualities of a Dubai Nightclub What makes a Dubai nightclub internationally recognized as a go-to destination? Could it be the consistent provision of some of the best DJs available for music and mixing? Could it be the security and enhanced protection of patrons to ensure nothing ever goes haywire on a night out? Or could it be the fine dining and selection from menus that compete with the best restaurants internationally? Even among the highly competitive arena of Dubai nightclubs, one stands out among the top contenders as one of the best places to go to again and again. And this rating doesn’t come from travel critics or article writers; it comes from clients themselves. Clubbing Dubai is hands down the primary destination for the top Dubai nightclub entertainment experience for the modern jetsetter. You won’t find our venue in a travel magazine or entertainment TV show. Instead, we gain our reputation by referral from some of the most valuable clientele today again and again. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ EXPLORE EVENTS Plan Ahead with Clubbing Dubai Events Calendar to the Best Concerts, Dinner Shows, Pool Parties, Brunches, Hottest Clubbing and Live shows in Dubai ​ 1/14 ​ ​ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ THINGS TO DO IN DUBAI SEABREACHER DRIVE SUPERCARS SHARK DIVE-CAGE HELICOPTER FLIGHT JET SKI FLY-BOARDING Clubbing Dubai bring you the best of Dubai Pool Parties - Ladies Night in Dubai on Tuesday - Best Dubai Lounges - Dubai Night Thursday - Dubai Life Night and More. Visit Tonight Events or Today Events for details ​ ______

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  • Join The Party Finder Dubai WhatsApp Community Now and Experience the best nightlife in Dubai.

    Experience the best nightlife in Dubai. Party Finder your ultimate Guide to Dubai’s party-life scene. We have best clubs, Pools, and Dinner parties in venues like: 🔅SKY2.0 Dubai 🔅Avenue Club 🔅Blu Club 🔅Dream Restaurant And more …. Our services 🔅Event Management & Party Organizing 🔅Investment & Partnership 🔅VIP Concierge services And more …. Chat with us: +97150-95-45-000 @thepartyfinderdubai

  • The Party Finder and BLU Dubai launches new commercial house music and EDM night on Tuesdays

    The Party Finder and BLU Dubai launches new commercial house music and EDM night on Tuesdays in Dubai The nightlife gem in Al Habtoor City, BLU Dubai is back with another new night on Tuesdays, featuring unbeatable house beats and live DJs. The new night, 'House of Distrikt' brings you the best commercial house music from the hottest local and international DJs. Join the party finder Dubai for the launch of House of Distrikt this Tuesday, and be prepared to experience a night like no other. BLU Dubai's fantastic line up of DJs will take you on a journey through the best of house music, from deep and soulful to funky and upbeat. The atmosphere will be electric with an incredible sound system and stunning visual effects. Don't miss out on this fantastic night. Whether you're a pro clubber or just looking for a fun night out with friends, House of Distrikt is the place to be. So mark your calendars and get ready to dance the night away at BLU Dubai. Get lost in the music and let the beat take control as you dance the night away. WHEN: Every Tuesday, starting April 28th. TICKETS: Guys 150 dh / Girls free TABLES: Starting from 350 dh min spend per person For More reservation or guest list or table reservation whatsapp +97150-95 45000 LETS CHAT

  • Dubai Clubs and Bars - A Complete Guide for an Unforgettable Experience

    Dubai is a city that never fails to set the highest standards in everything. It makes us all believe that a city can be respectful and clean and yet offer the best experience to its visitors and residents. The Dubai clubs and bars are one of the few attractions that ensure an amazing and great nightlife experience. At the Clubbing Dubai, we explore various clubs and bars in Dubai that have so much to offer yet maintain safe and magnificent surroundings for the people. The most popular clubs and bars in Dubai host many well-known and reputed global entertainers and performers. You can expect to witness huge crowds in the bars, clubs, and pubs. Moreover, you can be a part of the ladies' nights on either Tuesday or Wednesday in many clubs. Dubai bars and nightclubs have something or the other to suit every mood. Whether you want to enjoy your drink in a cozy bar, dance all night, or want to party with a mesmerizing view on the rooftop bar, you will not be disappointed. However, to avoid any hassles, it is recommended to explore as much as you can about the top bars and clubs in Dubai. How can you celebrate Dubai's nightlife in its bars and clubs? Be it enjoying an exclusive drink in the topnotch bars and clubs in Dubai, a cool beer with friends or simply dancing on the groovy beats - Dubai has space for everything. You can explore great venues with amazing delicacies, drinks, and music styles. Dubai bars and clubs leave nothing desirable with its vast available options from rooftop bars, beach clubs, indoor/outdoor party places, etc. Bars and clubs like Zero Gravity, White Club Dubai, Skyview Bar, Bar 44, etc. are some of the best places that you can visit. These places, including many others, are best known to attract visitors with trending music beats, delicious snacks, international cocktails, refreshing drinks, a classy atmosphere, etc. Surely, these are worth a visit! Well, it doesn't end here. There are many options of bars and clubs for the younger audience base who age between 12 to 18 years. Places like club Rush invites all the younger visitors to be amazed by an amazing laser show, delicious international snacks, cuisines, soft drinks, music, etc. No matter how you want to celebrate Dubai's nightlife, there are many phenomenal Dubai bars and clubs waiting. Here is a list of popular nightclubs, they’re worth visiting in 2023: · Sky2.0 · Avenue Club · Billionaire Dubai · Dubai & Lounge · Taikun Dubai · Dream Dubai · Play Restaurant · Vision Club Dubai · Rive Gauche · Cavo Dubai · Eva Beach House Confirm Your Reservations Now!! Do you want to overcome the wait to get your table at these amazing bars and clubs in Dubai? At Clubbing Dubai, we are available for your service. Reach us via a call or WhatsApp message to confirm your reservations or for bottle service at any of your favorite bars and nightclubs in Dubai without any hassles. Dubai Bars and Clubs - The Do's and Don'ts Dubai is very strict in its laws and regulations; thus, you should be careful of the do's and don'ts in bars and clubs. The legal age limit for alcohol consumption in every Dubai bar and club is 21 years; you should always have your authentic IDs. Even if you are in the mood to have fun but remember to maintain sophistication in Dubai's bars and nightclubs. Dubai does not tolerate any misbehavior of any kind, especially to the ladies. Thus, you should never cross the line if you want to have a pleasant nightlife experience in Dubai and UAE. Always remember to maintain your etiquette when in Dubai! Enjoy any drink you want in the fancy bars and clubs in Dubai, but avoid drinking in public places. You can order any international drink in bars and nightclubs to enjoy the best time. Add some of the delicious delicacies to your order and you are good to go to have an amazing nightlife experience in Dubai. Do remember to make your reservations in advance to avoid any rush or waiting. Almost every bar and nightclub is full during the weekend (Friday and Saturday); so, you should book your table to enter the weekend all dancing and enjoying! Book a Table It is no more a hassle to book a table at Dubai bars and clubs. Call or message us now to get the best table prices and bottle service packages exclusive to your needs. Dress Code in Dubai Bars and Clubs Almost every renowned bars and clubs have a dress code; it may vary for different events. Thus, it is highly recommended to confirm the dress code from the chosen club or bar in advance. Needless to say, you may get into trouble for not following the required dress code of the respective place. Usually, you will witness varying dress codes in Dubai bars from casual and chic to glamorous. Men can dress in nice fancy suits, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, etc. On the other hand, women can wear pretty dresses, skirts, jeans, heels, etc. to nightclubs and bars. Though, you can wear mostly anything you feel like; however, you should maintain modesty while dressing. It is most appropriate that your dress should cover the shoulders, arms, and knees. Dubai takes it really seriously when it comes to dressing well; you surely don't want to mess that up. With more than 20 million visitors every year, Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Amidst the popular attractions and sightseeing, add the popular Dubai bars and clubs to your must-visit places. Dubai gives a whole different vibe in the night and if you haven't experienced that, you really haven't experienced anything. Don't miss your chance to visit the premium bars and clubs in Dubai. For any more information about the various bars, nightclubs, and pubs in Dubai, reach us out in the comment section. We are always available for your assistance. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 1. Can all bars and nightclubs serve alcohol in Dubai? It is not allowed or rather illegal to either drink or sell alcohol in public places. Therefore, only bars and nightclubs and licensed restaurants, with a liquor license, are allowed to serve alcohol to visitors and tourists. 2. What are the best days to visit Dubai bars and clubs? Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the best to visit the popular bars and clubs in Dubai. However, these days are also the busiest. Thursday evenings mark the beginning of the weekend in Dubai and thus, most clubs and bars are crowded. Also, many nightclubs and bars have special ladies' nights on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings; offering free or discounted entry, drinks, and delicacies to the ladies. 3. Are all nightclubs and bars in Dubai costly? Well, if you are planning to visit the places during the weekend, be prepared to spend a little extra. Moreover, entry into some of the trendiest bars and clubs in Dubai is pricey; however, it includes one or more free drinks. If you want to get exclusive table services and the best price, call or message us directly to confirm your table reservations at the best Dubai bars and clubs. 4. What to expect from a beach club in Dubai? If you are feeling lazy to dress up and simply want to enjoy a relaxing evening with a magnificent view, head straight to the beach clubs. You can have the most amazing experience even in your shorts and flip-flops as you enjoy the performing entertainment. At some beach clubs and bars, you can even hit the dance floor to shake a leg. 5. What are the working timings for nightclubs and bars in Dubai? The nightclubs and bars are open from 10 PM till 3 AM. However, certain places have an exclusive and special license as they remain open till 4 AM. You should confirm the working timings of the place you are visiting to avoid any hassles at the last minute. 6. Are Dubai nightclubs and bars safe? Yes, the nightlife in Dubai is considered the safest. The reputed bars and clubs in Dubai maintain modesty and respect for their visitors. So, you can comfortably enjoy the best time of your life without any worries. You will not face any difficulties with either public transport or traveling alone. You can take the special ladies' taxis and metro carriages if you want. 7. Which is the best area to find the most amazing bars and clubs in Dubai? If you want to visit the best, most reputed, and most happening bars and nightclubs in Dubai, you can find them at Jumeirah Beach Residence, also known as JBR. You will find different clubs and bars that suit almost every vibe and personality. Join our Instagram community For more information please call us at +971 50 954 5000 or email us at

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  • West Palm Jumeirah - Crescent Rd - The Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • September 29, 2020 | 8:00 AM
    Atlantis Hotel, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
  • September 15, 2020 | 8:00 AM
    Atlantis Hotel, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
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