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Nightclubs in Dubai

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Nightclubs in Dubai

Dubai, holds the world’s busiest airport title by international passenger numbers for the eighth consecutive year, is also home to some of the world’s most best and lavish nightclubs that you’ll find across the globe. If you are travelling to Dubai, it make sense if your trip is well planned so that you can experience the best of entertainment and fun. Nightclubs galore in Dubai, with so many clubs, bars, pubs to choose from, how do you know which nightclubs to visit that cater to your kind music and vibe? What clubs in Dubai play RnB music? Which Dubai have hip hop music? Or electronic music. And which clubs are the most popular ones in Dubai. Clubbing Dubai covers top Dubai nightclubs and list of parties updated every week in 2022. It features list of pool parties, after parties, dinner shows, house music, ladies nights, urban music and beyond. What’s more, it offers Weekly Suggestion too.

Clubbing Guideline: Drinking at the right places

Tourists are allowed to enjoy the drink in the places that is licensed while the hotels and nightclubs in Dubai are already attached to the hotels, it is punishable in Dubai if you drink in public areas and even on the beaches. Dubai is quite strict when it comes to public drinking and there is no tolerance to drive when being drunk.

When you are enjoying best party in Dubai, you may notice the police offers not present at all in the public areas. But don’t get tempted with the idea of opening a beer because the police are always dressed up as Civilians and are watching you.

Plan your night

The nightclubs in Dubai all offer the best version of entertainment and zest, but each has some characteristic features, whether it’s the type of music, size of dance floor, indoor and outdoor views.


Dubai is an amazing destination where nightlife can be enjoyed but you need to avoid drinking in public areas and better keep it confined in the nightclubs which are plenty in numbers.

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