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Where to dine in Dubai - must try restaurants

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Amazonico – well loved restaurant in the heart of DIFC

With Eid al Filtr fast approaching we made a list of restaurants & lounges that you might have missed, so here is our special choice.

Amazonico is a famous concept from the heart of Madrid that made its way to Dubai and it definetely made an impact. The place is basically a 3 in 1 venue - a lounge, main restaurant and rooftop bar – all designed to take you on a trip to the jungles of South America.

Like the name says, Amazonico takes inspiration from the Amazon region and the rainforest inspired venue showcases not just incredible food & service but also transports you into a completely different space with finely elaborated textures of green reminiscing of a real forest ambiance.

You can chose from indoor and outdoor dining - we suggest the indoor so you can also watch the chefs perform their magic - from the live kitchen to the table.

When it comes to the concept of dining this jungle theme restaurants blended bold & vibrant flavours from Latin American flavours to sushi. From a combination of ceviche and a variety of fresh fish to fine steaks and even tandoori.

So dine in the multi-coloured space for an immersive experience alongside with dishes with a twist.

Roberto’s restaurant – the fine Italian dinning

From the heart of the jungle - we take you to a more Italian sight - we can say a classic & authentic place in Dubai, Roberto’s restaurant and lounge, an award wining gastronomic delight.

What makes this contemporary Italian dining restaurant so special?

The fact that it’s elegant & classy without being stiff, it’s always buzzing - boosts an open kitchen & a cozy bar area.

On the terrace, you get a view of Dubai’s finest atractions, Burj Khalifa while indoors you can admire the marble & dark wood adorned decorations & setting.

Mostly it’s the authentic dining touch that makes Roberto’s so special and keeps it so popular, plus it’s all about sharing.

From antipasti of crunchy calamari to delicious buratta ascending to the crispy truffle pizza.

The risottos are a definitely must try alongside with the charcoal grilled rib eye.

The venue is lively all year long and is definitely a must try restaurant!

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