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Important Rules and Regulations of Dubai Nightclubs that you need to know

Important Rules and Regulations of Dubai Nightclubs that you need to know

1. What is the best time to visit the nightclubs in Dubai?

If you want to enjoy your fullest in Dubai's nightclubs, the best time to visit them is between 10 PM to 3 AM. But certain venues hold a special license for event nights and do open until 4 AM; thus, you should carefully plan your visit to have the best time.

2. What are the best days to party in Dubai?

You can always find a place to enjoy yourself in Dubai. However, the must-visit nightclubs in Dubai offer the best entertainment, especially from Thursday to Saturday. But hold on, Ladies nights in Dubai nightclubs are usually hosted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and most of the time the venues offer discounted food and drinks!

3. What is the minimum entry fee for Dubai nightclubs?

The entry fees may vary in different nightclubs; however, the minimum fee that you may be asked to deposit will somewhere be between USD 55/200 AED. You should confirm the entry fee of the nightclub before visiting it.

4. How old do you have to be to visit nightclubs in Dubai?

Minimum age allowed to enter a nightclub in Dubai is 21. However, some clubs do not allow people under the age of 25 also.

5. Do clubs in Dubai ask for ID?

Yes. For locals and United Arab Emirates residents, most clubs grant entry based on a valid driving license or Emirates ID. For visitors and tourists, your passport will suffice for ID requirements. Please note the minimum clubbing age in Dubai is 21.

6. What is the Dress Code in Dubai Nightclubs?

Dress codes in Dubai nightclubs is smart always. People will be TURNED AWAY at the door for turning up in:

- Shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits or singlets.

- Sports shoes of any description and open footwear accepted.

- Sports caps.

- Local dress male & female, headdress or scarf.

7. Do you need a reservation in Dubai's nightclubs?

It may be hard to find a place in the best and most sensational nightclubs in Dubai. You should make a reservation to be a part of their guest list. To reserve a table in the most famous nightclubs in Dubai, contact us now!

For table reservation call +971 50 954 5000.

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