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Dubai Water Paradise Experiences Like Shark Dive-Cage Snorkeling

Dubai Water Paradise Experiences Like Shark Dive-Cage Snorkeling-Shark Walker
Shark Dive (certified)
Price: 790AED
Take the plunge and come face to face with 700 pounds of lean muscle, 300 razor sharp teeth and 100 million years worth of evolution. These sharks are waiting for you! Its perfectly safe, and its definitely breath taking. Give it a go. There are not many dives around the world that will guarantee you sightings of over 300 sharks and rays all at once. But the Dubai Aquarium can.

Cage Snorkeling
Price: 370AED
If you are not ready to take the plunge and dive in Dubai Aquarium, you can Snorkel within the safety of our cage to experience just as much excitement as any diver. It's fun and it's very safe and anyone over the age of 8 can do it.All you have to do is put on snorkeling gear, dive into the secure cage in the aquarium, and watch over 70 different marine species including some 300 sharks and rays at close quarters.

Shark Walker
Price: 620AED
Experience the thrill of diving, admire the abundance of fish and stare directly into the eyes of a shark without even getting your hair wet. Simply put on an underwater helmet, head into the cage and you will be instantly surrounded by 33,000 different animals.

Shark Encounter
Price: 600AED
Come face-to-face with some of the oceans most fascinating predators at Dubai Aquarium.

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Dubai Water Paradise Experiences Like Shark Dive-Cage Snorkeling






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