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Dubai Water Paradise Experiences Like Jetblade- Jetovator- Flyboarding

Dubai Water Paradise Experiences Like Jetblade- Jetovator- Flyboarding- Seabreacher
30 Mins Jetblade
Price: 332AED
The Jetblade gives you the thrill of hydro flight. Standing and balancing on a board in mid-air being able to steer yourself with the cushion of the water offsetting your descent gets your adrenaline flowing and soar above the blue waters. A new kind of water sport to enjoy in Dubai.

30 Mins Jetovator
Price: 330AED
The Jetovator is a water propelled flying bike capable of performing aerial tricks and dives. The flying, steerable seat that suspends its rider 25' in the air with three powerful jets of water powered by a jet ski. A new water sports attraction in Dubai.

30 Mins Flyboarding
Price: 350AED
Get your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling Flyboard experience! Prepare yourself as you take flight above water as you balance and control your elevation. A new kind of water fun has arrived. Kindly sse our Promo Code FLYB100 to get AED 100 discount on this experience, while purchasing.

30 Mins Jetpack
Price: 450AED
Enjoy this water sports activity and seize the excitement having system that uses the power of jet ski engine to pump the water and supply enough pressure to lift jetpack and the rider onto the air.

15 Mins Seabreacher
Price: 714AED
The breakthrough in recreational boating is now in Dubai. The Seabreacher. This very safe and stable watercraft can submerge, twist, turn and breach out of the water in amazing speeds. Another experience you wont want to miss.

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Dubai Water Paradise Experiences Like Jetblade- Jetovator- Flyboarding






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