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Get Ready for Brunches in Dubai - What All You Should Know

Get Ready for Brunches in Dubai - What All You Should Know

Are you planning your Dubai holiday? Or if you are a resident of Dubai and UAE? Well, you should keep some space to enjoy the brunches in Dubai. Thanks to the delicious range of cuisines and menus, it is always a great idea to try the brunches with vast variety of brunches to choose from every week, in the most exciting venues in UAE.

Dubai has a culture for brunch like nowhere else. Different hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, pubs and nightclubs offer the best deals on brunches to let you enjoy delicious meals along with exotic and refreshing drinks with themed performances and spectacular views. No matter what your preferences are, you can always enjoy the feast by trying the best brunches in Dubai.

It won't be wrong to say that when it comes to brunches, Dubai has elevated the concept to a new level. It is no longer just a meal to grab but an experience that you surely don't want to miss out on. If you like lavish brunches or are looking for some budget-friendly ideas, Explore the Clubbing Dubai updated party brunches, the city always has something that you will just love.

Before you head to enjoy the party brunches in Dubai, have a look at a few things that shouldn't be missed.

What Brunches In Dubai Are Like?

Brunch in Dubai is an all-inclusive feast of food and often drinks. Different licensed restaurants, venues and nightclubs offer different inclusive drinks menus, from non-alcoholic to alcoholic cocktails and premium wine options. The emphasis is on entertainment and a thrilling experience, with far more than you can eat or drink.

Besides this traditional definition of brunch, let us talk about brunch culture in Dubai. To put it in exact words, brunches in Dubai is combining the epic feast, delicious cuisines, and vibrant entertainment with amazing fireworks. Believe us, there can be no better experience than trying different brunches in Dubai.

The Friday brunches are especially popular in Dubai. If you are in Dubai and you haven't experienced a Friday brunch, it is like you haven't experienced Dubai at all.

To put it short, crisp, and simple; the brunches in Dubai are famous for their amazing food, lively atmosphere, vibrant surroundings, and lovely people.

The Popular Brunch Items That You Can Try

Amidst the hundreds of brunching options, it can be hard to choose any particular one. As the different places battle to stand distinguished, the menus, entertainment, and drinks are always changing. Thus, you should choose the place that appeals the most to you.

Similar to different places to try brunches in Dubai, the place is quite popular to offer different dishes. You name a food item and you can enjoy it during brunch time in Dubai. However, some popular dishes are part of almost all the brunch places in Dubai.

  1. Eggs: you can try different types of eggs like fried, omelets, burritos, half fried, etc. just the way you like it.

  2. Fruits: if you want to keep your brunch light, you can try tasting the delicious fruits. You can also have them as the toppings for your pancakes, waffles, pastries, yogurt, etc.

  3. Bread: you can also try some sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, waffles, French toast, etc. for your brunch in Dubai.

  4. Pastries: if you want to try baked goods, you can try banana bread, cinnamon rolls, carrot or coffee cake, scones, donuts, etc.

  5. Alcohol: brunch isn't just about the food but also includes some refreshing drinks. You can complete your brunch by adding some brunch-time drinks to your order.

Besides these amazing and delicious brunch food items, you can have any food dishes of your choice. Make sure you enjoy the best time enjoying the brunches in Dubai.


To book any of your favorite places to enjoy delicious brunch in Dubai, you can directly message us on WhatsApp or connect over a call. We know how to make your brunch experience a memorable one at an affordable price.

What Is The Minimum Price To Enjoy Brunches In Dubai?

Well, the brunches in Dubai can be enjoyed in 3 different packages:

  • The Alcoholic

  • The Non-Alcoholic, and

  • The One with Bubbles

The prices for each package vary depending on the dishes and the place you choose. However, the cost to enjoy brunch in Dubai starts from a minimum price of DH 50 to 100. It can go up if you choose the most expensive places for brunch like Bubbalicious and Jumeirah Al Qasr, etc.

Also, if you have included alcohol in your brunch, the prices are likely to shoot up. Thus, it is recommended to check the prices of different popular brunch places in Dubai before planning your visit.

What Should Be Your Dress Code For Brunch In Dubai?

You can be all fancy when planning to enjoy brunches in Dubai. However, if you want to glam up your outfits, you are always welcome. Heel shoes, smart shirts, and blazers are the perfect choice for men while women can choose smart comforting dresses.

It is totally your call how you want to enjoy your brunch. Although, if you are planning to go anywhere specific, it is suggested to check about any dress code that the place may have.

Lastly, the brunches in Dubai are something that you won't experience anywhere else. It is surely the heart of social events and likely the start of lively weekends in Dubai. You can enjoy your lavish brunches any time of the week; however, Friday brunches are the most popular. If you are in Dubai, you should definitely not miss it.


Similar to Friday, Saturday brunches are also popular; however, they are more relaxed. You can actually sit and relax while enjoying the luxurious restaurants, cafes, etc. The Sunday brunches are often quite popular amongst visitors.

Every party restaurant, club, cafe, and hotel has a different style to attract people to try their brunch menu. If you want an easy hand to reserve a table at any of your preferred places.

Browse across our Clubbing Dubai website and check out the ultimate list ranges of brunches in the city this week! You can book a table and treat your friends for party brunches in 2023 by calling or whatsapp directly. We take care of all the essentialities and luxuries that you may like while enjoying brunch in Dubai.

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